Innosilicon A10 Pro + 720M 7G ETH Miner

With PSU and Cord


Innosilicon A10 Pro + ETH miner with 7G memory is an upgraded version optimized for ETH mining, performing with a power-efficient hash rate of 720MH/S at 1350W.

  • Hashrate:720MH/s (±15%)
  • Power Consumption: 1350W(±10%, on wall, with 93% efficiency PSU, 25℃ temperature)
  • Internet connection:Ethernet
  • Ambient Temperature:25°C
  • PSU included
Please make sure your farm use proper cooling, dust filter and 10A AC cable to meet the proper operating condition requirements.
Humidity <75%, AC voltage 210~240V, Power supply AC input current 10A, dust <0.5 Mg/m3.
Вес 8.6 kg
Габариты 360 × 136 × 282 mm


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